Reading List

For this week “Apprenticeship Pattern” I have chosen Reading List. It is a pattern about keeping up a running list or more precisely a priority queue, as the author describes it, of books that are worth reading for amassing more knowledge about a given subject. The queue will change or be reorganized many times over the course of it, but it is worth having. Another useful advice in the pattern is to ask your mentors or people more knowledgeable bout a subject about which books they recommend reading.

What I like about this pattern is simply something that I have already started doing, it is interesting to me to find out that it is not only me who had this idea. I think this will be a very useful tool in anybody’s arsenal in their professional career. What I have done is essentially described in the pattern itself. I have talked to some of my colleagues at work as well as my bosses and figured out what books they recommend, after that I have done some research and based on other reviews of the mentioned books I have made my own list.

Not all the books in my opinion need to be about your work or career, if they are helpful in some way then they are worth reading. Any knowledge is good, the best knowledge of course is the one that helps us grow as a person.

One useful thing that I have learned from this pattern is to put my past books on my list and keep them there even after I have read them. This is to help me and other to reflect on them later and to better remember the contents and lessons acquired from the book. The pattern also states that better understanding of the subject at hand will help people refine and organize the list better. I agree with that and like the author states mentors are always a good source of said understanding and any good mentor will always steer you in the right direction. I’m feeling lucky because I have been able to find such a person. Currently due to my student status my reading has stalled to a degree, but I do plan to get back to it as soon as possible.

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