TypeScript, a better version of JavaScript

TypeScript, is it really a better version of JavaScript? If you are like me and you never used JavaScript before and then were told that TypeScript is better you will probably have the same reaction, “OK, so what?”. Well it turns out it is a very useful thing, it is a wrapped version of JavaScript that will pay attention to the types of variables used and so on, hence the name. In my search for some answers I have stumbled upon THIS blog by Valentino Gagliardi named TypeScript Tutorial For Beginners: The Missing Guide (2019). Like it says it is a whole tutorial, but it also explains in some simpler words what TypeScript is and why it is useful with a lot of examples. I will go through it and then look for some more. What helped me right away was Valentino’s explanation of what is TypeScript: “The definition from the official website says: “a typed superset of JavaScript” but it assumes you know what a “superset” is and what “typed” means. Instead to keep things simple you can think of TypeScript as of “a layer on top” of JavaScript.”

Most of the blog is what it is supposed to be, a Tutorial, and in my opinion it does it in a very good way, he starts in an easy way to show certain things, even when somethings is not right away understandable Valentino comes back to it later and explains in more detail, what is a plus for me as well is that he does in somewhat humorous way and that makes the whole learning a more easy going process. Having those kinds of Tutorials is very helpful for me because knowledge can be learned but what needs to happen is also the understanding of when and where to apply said knowledge and with this blog post I’m starting to understand that about TypeScript.

Learning in school about best tools to perform today’s jobs and being able to see it in action before I am thrown into the deep end is a huge plus for me and it should be for everybody else as well. I am always very grateful for the opportunities like this one. I have found out that the TypeScript is used at my work in other departments which tells me it is a good thing to learn and maybe use to further my career. I cannot wait to start writing some more advanced programs in this format, but everything needs to be done slowly, you must learn to walk before you can run and I do intend to be able to run eventually.

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